AVIARIS based in Singapore. Our team experienced more than 25 years trading, providing reliable consultancies and sourcing for the Asia Pacific region with their extensive networks in this region. 

We distribute SAFETY PRODUCTS such as Hand Gloves, Face Mask, Hand Sanitizers, Surface Disinfectant, Safety Coveralls, etc. in retail or wholesale. The brand we distribute is the ultimate Professional's Choice for a complete Medical & Personal Protection.  The majority of the products and services have been certified mainly by the FDA, CE.

Our brand aims to contribute to the greater good of humanity by providing high-quality products and services to combat viruses like Coronavirus, whilst continuing its efforts under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to improve communities across the globe.

AVIARIS Pte Ltd has a quality system in place with the following scopes:

  1. Understanding Customer Quality & Commercial requirements

  2. Analyzing Manufacturer / Supplier Capabilities 

  3. Matching Buyer and Seller requirements 

  4. Working legalities and arrangement to protect buyers

Our quality system stands as our assurance in getting the work done correctly.  

Job Interview
Customer Liaisons

Our Customer services / Liaison team will be using a checklist that includes each requirement of the customer requirements. 

The checklist is broken down into several sub-sections and creates responsibilities for the Sourcing team, Procurement Team, and Logistics Team. We then create a MATCHING CHECKLIST for review and further process.

Team Meeting
Sourcing Team

Our Sourcing Team will work with our suppliers and Sourcing network using the customer insight supplied by the Customer Liasion team. Using our Sourcing network  we are able to develop product sourcing plans for each product and for each region

On the Phone
Procurement Team

Our aircraft sourcing team specializes in aircraft sales and sourcing. Our market knowledge and expertise will ensure you achieve the best possible price for your aircraft. we understand that service and delivery is of the utmost importance.

Logistics Team
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We vary from regular recruitment agencies. We focus on what our customer needs and we are confident in achieving it to keep our customers happy. Our team has access to direct freight aircraft charterer, pool of freight forwarders in this region.