Aircraft Disinfection :

Aircraft Disinfectants 

  1. CAA Approvals in progress

  2. BioCair provides non-toxic disinfection that kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungus, and spores found on surfaces & objects and in the air.
    BioCair products, the revolutionary manufacturing process results in the naturally derived BC-65 and Ultra-Pure Water, features:
    - Non-toxic, alcohol-free, pH Neutral
    - Fragrance-free, formulated with 100% food-grade ingredients
    - Non-corrosive
     The shelf life of 18-months

  3. Biocair is utilised via a disinfecting dry-mist and range of spray products for hands, objects and surfaces

Airport Design & Construction :

Design and construction of Aerodrome

MRO Shop Setup :

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Shop for Aircraft Accessories

  1. CAA Approvals

  2. Quality Management System setup

  3. Shop Layout

  4. Tooling design and fabrications

  5. Cleaning Line setup

  6. Aircraft parts and stores setup

  7. ERP setup

  8. Skilled Manpower supply

  9. Sales & Marketing

Aircraft Sales & Lease Consultants :

Aircraft Technical Consultancy 

  1. Lease return Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery 

  2. Aircraft records audit and back to the birth tracing

  3. Aircraft Pre Purchase Inspection

  4. Leased Aircraft Fleet Management

  5. Aircraft mandatory SB / AC / AD Compliance checks

  6. Aircraft Ferry Flight arrangements

  7. Aircraft Engineers and pilot recruitments

  8. Aircraft Engine Borescope Inspection

  9. Aircraft Sales & Marketing

  10. Aircraft Insurance arrangements

Aerospace NDT  Training & Certification:

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Trainings

  1. NDT Training and Certifications under EN4179, NAS410 BINDT accreditated certification schemes.

  2. On-site Training and Certification to meet EASA & FAA and NADCAP requirements in terms of NDT qualifications.

  3. NDT setup for all methods under EN4179, NAS410, ASTM and OEM specification requirements

  4. NDT Level 3 Services

  5. NDT Procedure writings assistance

  6. NDT Audit preparation assistance

Airlines Setup :

Aircraft Acquisition and Maintenance Setup for a new Airlines

  1. Analyze operating environment

  2. Review regulations, guidelines, and framework

  3. Mapping of routes required by clients

  4. Identify suitable Aircraft for the fleet

  5. Review Insurance requirements  (E.g. EU No 785/2004 and 285/2010)

    and liability coverage required by the regional authorities

  6. Review budgeting prepared by the operator

  7. Source suitable aircraft based on the air market, places of operation, air traffic, aircraft performance, ETOPS, and financial viability

  8. Maintenance solutions for Base and line maintenance:-
    - Maintenance setup for regular 
    maintenance needs of aircraft
    - Aircraft Parts, Consumables & Rotables Solutions
    - Aircraft Tooling / Loaning Solutions                                             Learn More.,